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As a membranes specialist with over 40 years of experience, we acknowledge that one membrane will not suit all needs and requirements. We have developed a diverse range of membranes, including microporous PU, hydrophilic PU and PTFE bicomponent technologies.

Porelle® membranes are intended for lamination to create high-performance fabrics for a range of different market applications. They are designed to give your fabric additional beneficial properties to provide maximum waterproofness, breathability, durability and protection. Our membranes are used in a multitude of garment, glove and footwear applications, where performance combined with cost-effectiveness is vital.

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With probably the most extreme performance requirements, our membranes are designed to be consistent and durable to provide maximum protection. Whether it’s the army, air force, navy or special forces, porelle® membranes can meet specific user requirements – offering protection against the elements and extreme working environments. This is why porelle® membranes are used by numerous military organisations, worldwide.

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The front-line requirements for the emergency services are varied. For general use, waterproofness and breathability is important for day-to-day comfort. However, they can face an array of hazards which the user needs protection from. Porelle® membranes can be designed with a range of performance benefits, including viral and blood borne pathogen resistance, chemical resistance and flame resistance.

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From fighting fires and dealing with

chemical spillages to rescue operations, firefighter apparel is required to protect the user from numerous dangers and threats. Porelle® membranes are widely used in firefighter apparel to provide additional levels of protection matched by high durability to withstand the extreme conditions which they are subjected to.

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Our extensive and adaptable range

will meet demanding application  requirements, particularly for protection against extreme weather conditions. This is vital for those working in the postal service, rail service, road contractors, forestry, oil industry, private security and
chemical industry. Porelle® membranes are engineered for high-performance outerwear, whatever the conditions.

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Our extensive high-performance range of glove inserts are used globally by leading manufacturers for firefighters, military, search & rescue, police and industrial applications. We also offer a range of inserts for use in hats, designed to provide protection against wind, rain and snow in extreme weather conditions.

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Porelle® membranes are extensively

used throughout the footwear industry to manufacture waterproof and breathable footwear linings. We have developed different options to be used in 3 or 4 layered laminates for the footwear upper and for a range of market applications, including military, institutional, industrial,
firefighter, EMS and police.