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An Introduction to Porelle Membranes

Porelle membranes are a range of waterproof breathable films 12 – 55 µm in thickness. They have been engineered for lamination to create high performance fabrics for a range of different market applications.

Porelle membranes are manufactured by PIL Membranes with over 30 years' experience in the industry. Probably the world's most diverse membrane manufacturer – with a range of membranes encompassing:

Porelle membranes can be designed with a range of performance benefits including: viral and blood borne pathogen resistance, chemical resistance, hot and cold temperature resistance, wash and dry clean resistance, and flame resistance.

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Porelle Membranes produces a range of films designed for use in active apparel - perfect for usage in the sports and leisure industries. Lightweight, resistant and durable, our membranes can enhance any garment.


We've put 30 years of experience into making the best membranes we can to support garments used in the toughest of environments. Heat resistant and hardwearing yet waterproof and breathable – we meet the highest of standards.


Used industry-wide by the biggest names, Porelle’s world-leading inserts cater to a wide range of markets; from lightweight waterproofing for sports through to breathable heat and viral-proof inserts for military and industrial applications.

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