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Porelle® membranes have been extensively used in the medical industry for over 10 years in surgeon gowns, medical drapes and other related applications. They are compliant with key medical garment standards, including ISO 16604 and ASTM F1671.


Porelle® inserts is a range based on microporous PU, hydrophilic PU and PTFE bicomponent technologies designed for lamination in 2-, 3- or 4-layer constructions. They are engineered to fit technical glove market requirements.

They reach high levels of protection for industry requirements while remaining extremely soft and flexible to not limit the dexterity or tactility of the glove design.

This is why our extensive high-performance range of porelle® inserts have been used globally by leading manufacturers in:​

  • Firefighter gloves

  • Search & Rescue / Extrication gloves

  • Police crowd control / Riot gloves

  • Police motorbike gloves

  • Military combat gloves

  • Military cold weather gloves

  • Industrial gloves

  • Sports & leisure gloves


Porelle® inserts provide high levels of protection against a number of potential hazards – weather and environmental. As performance requirements depend on the industry, our inserts are designed and made with different usages and applications in mind.

We manufacture membranes from the base polymer to the final product. Then our Quality Assurance Department, which is ISO 9001 certified, independently monitors and tests every roll.

After successfully passing all of our standard tests (including hydrostatic head, breathability, thickness, weight, shrinkage, and density) we lay-up and cut the membranes accordingly. Then with a Radio Frequency welder we seal the edges, and tested again as the final insert product.

To ensure good mechanic integrity over the weld as part of our standard test method, we test the weld strength with a tensiometer on three points – the cuff, fingertip and the joint between the forefinger and thumb. We also test to certain standards e.g. NFPA 1971.

While being waterproof and breathable, porelle® inserts are engineered to meet other glove requirements. This includes chemical resistance, viral and blood borne penetration resistance and cold resistance.

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