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Porelle® performance ECO is our new and growing range of bio-based membranes, developed in-house as part of our journey to reach our sustainability goals. This new development is a key part of our strategy to decouple from fossil fuel-based raw materials and reduce our carbon footprint, while continuing to manufacture and supply high-performance membranes.



What is bio-based?

Being significantly or entirely composed from a renewable biomass resource.

The key impact of using bio-sourced materials is they allow us to recycle the carbon already existing within the atmosphere, not additional carbon into the environment.

The porelle® performance ECO range has a bio-based content >40%, independently tested in accordance with method ASTM D6866: 2022.

100% of the biomaterial used in our polymer formulation is a derivative of starch, which has been produced from renewably sourced plant-based feedstocks, located in the USA.


The porelle® performance ECO range consists of sustainable bio-based membranes that don’t compromise on performance.

Whilst comprised of a plant-based source, they match the same UV and hydrolysis resistance specifications as its fossil fuel-based equivalents, which is important for a long-life in use.

Porelle® performance ECO membranes have a unique microporous structure combined with a hydrophobic nature, resulting in dry comfort performance for the wearer. Our membranes can breathe and repel water droplets whilst still maintaining high performance attributes, such as cold flex and durability.


The porelle® performance ECO range is a sustainable solution, providing sustainable benefits by:

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Helping to reduce the use of fossil fuel-based materials

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Helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. CO₂) in the atmosphere

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Its inherent repellent properties which work in synergy with C DWR treatments

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Being a PFAS-free technology

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Being a sustainable product solution commercially  available today

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Being produced using the renewable energy generated by our wind turbine and solar photovoltaic array on-site.

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