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As a membranes specialist with over 40 years of experience, we acknowledge that one membrane will not suit all needs and requirements. We have developed a diverse range of membranes, including microporous PU, hydrophilic PU and PTFE bicomponent technologies.

Porelle® membranes are intended for lamination to create high-performance fabrics for a range of different market applications. They are designed to give your fabric additional beneficial properties to provide maximum waterproofness, breathability, durability and protection. Our membranes are used in a multitude of garment, glove and footwear applications, where performance combined with cost-effectiveness is vital.


The global market for fabric laminates utilising a membrane technology is driven by different customer requirements and/or testing criteria. These are typically set out in international standards, such as those covered by ISO, EN and NFPA norms. Because of the broad range of global standards and testing criteria, no single membrane technology is able to meet all requirements. Our aim is to help our customers to compete in the global market by:


  • Developing our core capabilities in membrane technology

  • Engineering our own unique polymer systems designed to meet specific membrane performance requirements

  • The design and development of a purpose-built plant and manufacturing facility for both polymer and membrane production.

It is this approach that enables us to offer a diverse range of membrane technologies rather than only promoting the benefits of one membrane system. Our expertise
and knowledge of this technology means we know how different membrane systems perform and compare with each other. This allows us to advise you about the best
membrane to meet your requirements and specifications, what is most practical for the end-use environment and with regard to any technical process issues that may arise.


We know and appreciate that different customers require a range of performance benefits for a number of reasons – industry standards, market trends or the desire to advance. This is why the porelle® membranes range has been designed to meet a broad spectrum of properties, including:


  • Chemical resistant

  • Cold and high temperature resistant

  • Wash and dry-clean resistant

  • Steam sterilisable

  • Flame and abrasion resistant

  • Thermally stable

  • Anti-static resistant


Whatever your application, it is probable that we have achieved similar specifications and can advise on a membrane system that best meets your requirements. The porelle® membranes range has been engineered for extreme, high performance and to deliver waterproof consistency, durability and protection. All of our membranes are independently monitored by our Quality Assurance Department, which is ISO 9001 certified.

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