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Hydrophilic Membranes


Hydrophilic membranes, meaning simply those that love or attract water, are a key part of protective clothing worldwide, and one of the areas that porelle® membranes specialises in.

Waterproof membranes are used in a range of situations, from winter sports and athletic equipment through to emergency service uniforms and industrial clothing. Porelle® is one of the biggest and most trusted providers of these waterproofing membranes for many industries, owing to their protection, durability and adaptability.

By absorbing and removing water and sweat, these membranes provide waterproof and breathable qualities to any material, keeping users both dry and warm in even the toughest conditions.

Porelle® hydrophilic membranes combine innovative technology with a solid structure that gives them many benefits when used by waterproof material manufacturers.

These breathable and waterproof qualities make hydrophilic membranes ideal for use in harsh conditions and when doing strenuous activity. Greater comfort and more protection from the elements allows wearers to perform at their best all the time, whatever they’re doing.

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