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The porelle® performance ACTIVE+ range is based on a hydrophobic microporous membrane, available in white or black, specifically developed to offer enhanced comfort in active apparel.



Porelle® perfomance ACTIVE+ membranes are unique in their ability to provide an enhanced level of dry comfort in use, due to an inherent dry feel and a natural water repellency. The hydrophobic technology means the membranes are ‘water hating’, thereby keeping the user dry and comfortable.

In addition, porelle® perfomance ACTIVE+ membranes:

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Repel water droplets, even under high pressure, ensuring the wearer remains dry in extreme
wet conditions

Breathe by allowing sweat in the form of water vapour molecules to directly migrate through
the porous structure, ensuring the membrane retains its dry feel character, for enhanced
comfort during activity

Have a repellent surface that offers a last line of defence against moisture ingress when the outer water repellent finish of the garment has failed, which is now a common problem with PFC-free
DWR treatments.


When we are active, our bodies naturally sweat.
This creates a microclimate within the garment as
sweat in the form of water vapour molecules builds up
in concentration. If the sweat becomes trapped inside
the garment it condenses and forms a wet layer, leaving the wearer feeling damp and uncomfortable. In waterproof garments this is countered by using membranes that can breathe like our skin, allowing moisture to escape. However, the mechanism by which membranes breathe can also have an impact on the user’s comfort, especially during prolonged activity.

TPU’s, polyesters and similar membrane technologies
are based on solid structures that are typically hydrophilic in character, meaning they are ‘water loving’. These technologies breathe by absorbing and dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapour molecules. However, as hydrophilic membranes are solid,
the mechanism by which they breathe means they effectively swell to accommodate moisture uptake.
The retention of moisture within the membrane structure can result in changes to the nature and character of the film, simulating a wet feel which can give the user an uncomfortable and clammy sensation. In windy conditions, this sensation can be accentuated further by making the user feel colder.

In contrast, porelle® performance ACTIVE+ membranes provide a solution that ensures the user remains more comfortable. Unlike hydrophilic membranes, microporous technologies breathe by a different mechanism, instantly allowing the passage of water vapour molecules through interconnecting nanopores. The microporous membrane is hydrophobic, so it does not swell or absorb moisture. This means the character and nature of the film maintains a dry feel when in use, offering optimum comfort performance for the wearer.

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The porelle® performance ACTIVE+ range is produced using a novel coating process, providing a uniform structure that has been optimised to achieve the best balance of breathability and waterproofness.

The structure comprises of a highly regular, 3D network of interconnecting nanopores, typically 20 nm in diameter. The optimised nanostructure, combined with its tailored polymer properties, ensures consistent waterproof and physical properties in use, even after multiple washes.

During their life cycle, waterproof apparels are exposed to sunlight and moisture. The polymer chemistry of the porelle® performance ACTIVE+ range is tailored to offer
a resistance to UV and hydrolysis degradation, for a longer life in use.

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