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Porelle® performance ACTIVE is a range of hydrophilic membranes designed for active apparel. Available in a variety of options tailored for use in garments or footwear, they offer consistent performance properties.



Porelle® performance ACTIVE membranes have a solid structure that physically stops water droplets and wind passing through the garment. When laminated to a fabric, the membrane can achieve levels of waterproofness in excess of 10,000 mm during water column tests and will retain this performance after multiple washes and flex cycles.

The performance properties are backed by a stringent
quality control process that assesses waterproof consistency, testing waterproofness before and after multiple wash cycles and across multiple points of the membrane.

In rain, snow or wind, this level of waterproofness does not impede the membrane’s ability to control the microclimate within the garment. It breathes by absorbing and dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapour molecules. Driven by heat, the water vapour molecules and humidity zips across the hydrophilic polymer chains within the membrane structure and eventually escapes through the outer fabric layer, allowing the user to remain comfortable.


Porelle® performance ACTIVE membranes are produced using a novel coating process, designed and developed in-house to create a highly uniform structure, which is the key to consistent waterproofness and durability in use.

Our membranes differ from TPU films, which are produced by melt-processing methods including extrusion or blown film. In these manufacturing processes, soft TPU films can be more prone to instabilities within the film-forming stage, potentially leading to thin weak spots which can be points of
potential defects when in use.

During their life cycle, waterproof apparels can also be weakened by their exposure to sunlight and moisture. The polymer chemistry of the porelle® performance ACTIVE range is tailored to offer a resistance to UV and hydrolysis degradation, for a longer life in use.

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The porelle® performance ACTIVE range consists of soft, tactile films with excellent thermal stability. The membranes are easy to handle in high temperature adhesive or flame bonding lamination processes and other temperature sensitive operations, such as garment or bootie seam taping. They are also less prone to pin-holing and shrinkage, giving high productivity yields.

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