Insert Technology

An insert is used in the construction of a glove, sandwiched between the outer layer and the lining. Inserts are vital to the performance of the glove, providing added levels of protection against the weather elements thus ensuring that the user's hands remain dry, warm and comfortable.

However, many inserts used in gloves are constructed with solid barriers that often have low levels of breathability. For the user this means that moisture can build up in the glove due to sweat that cannot escape. When the user is active this can result in the hands becoming clammy and, as they cool down, feeling cold and wet. 

Over time the glove can also begin to develop an odour that can transfer to the user's hands after they have been worn. This is due the presence of bacteria that eats sweat and excretes waste that produces a strong odour.

Porelle® inserts are both extremely waterproof and highly breathable. The breathability ensures that sweat can escape and does not remain trapped in the glove.

Porelle® inserts are also soft and flexible so they are quiet in use. They can be fitted into a glove with ease and do not limit the tactility or dexterity of the glove design.

Wide Range

Porelle® glove inserts have been designed specifically for the demanding requirements of sports and leisure accessories.

They have been extensively used by leading manufacturers of:

  • Ski gloves

  • Snowboarding gloves

  • Cycling gloves

  • Motorbike gloves

  • Hunting gloves

  • Equestrian gloves

Tailored Design

For gloves we can offer a range of standard insert shapes. These include children's or adults' sizes, five finger or mitten designs.

We can also tailor the shape of the insert to the 3-D design requirements of your gloves for improved fit and dexterity. 

So, for example, if you need an insert with a longer cuff because it's 2 cm short for your glove design, we can modify the dimensions of the insert to fit your specified requirements.

As well as typical glove shapes we can offer more specialist shapes, such as three finger inserts for hunting gloves or gauntlet options for motorcycle gloves.

Motorcycle Gloves

Extreme weather conditions can affect the user's riding abilities. This can have detrimental effects on their performance and safety. Our porelle® membranes will protect the user and allow them to enjoy a soft, tactile and quiet pair of motorcycle gloves.

Dry comfort and warmth in extreme weather conditions porelle® microporous membranes are based on a hydrophobic polyurethane polymer with a structure that is made up of many small interconnecting micro pores less than 1 μm in diameter.

Our porelle® microporous membrane is hydrophobic - repels water. So, in extreme wet conditions, our inserts effectively repel outside water, particularly over prolonged periods. Ensuring insulation of the inner layers within a glove maintaining dry comfort and warmth.

In testing, our microporous membranes can exceed 10,000 mm water column on both seams and face, in accordance to standard EN 20 811.